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A bit about Noritake

Wow, our very first blog post in our shiny new website! Thanks for stopping by and we hope you like our new site. Because we certainly do! The new site offers exciting new functions and features including ZOOM! function to enlarge product images, AS SEEN IN section to check out our latest ads and editorial mentions,  you can now browse our entire catalogue not only by design name but by style, colour and feature. So if you’re looking for a product with quirky vibe, simply click on Browse by Style and then Quirky, and it’ll list all the products which match that particular word. How good is that? Overall, we’ve improved the site to make sure it is EASY and ENJOYABLE for you to browse through and learn more about the brand and our beautiful products.

This blog is also one of the exciting new features where we will not only provide information about Noritake but also about tableware industry and products in general. To give you an example, the next blog post is going to be about caring of your china. Doesn’t matter if you have Noritake, if you have invested in buying a quality china, we want to make sure you enjoy your china for a very long time!

But we figure the first post should be about us :-> Noritake’s long history begins in 1876 when Ichizaemon Morimura and his brother Toyo set up an imported goods store in New York called Morimura Brothers. In 1904, after exploring western culture, the brothers become intrigued with the western-style tableware and establish Nippon Toki Gomei Kaisha (translates to Japan Porcelain Company) in Nagoya, Japan to manufacture western-style china. The company is now known as Noritake and the brand is loved in over 100 countries! So when you purchase Noritake, not only are you buying top quality china, you’ve also become a part of our long tradition!

At Noritake, we are committed to supplying quality products and promoting quality lifestyle. We simply love our products and believe in their quality. Through our blog, we hope we can communicate what makes quality china different from many other alternatives in the market (and we know that there are so many to choose from!).