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Aussie Wine Month!

The month of May holds a special place in our hearts. It’s the end of Autumn, we celebrate Mothers and… it’s Aussie Wine Month!

Aussies love wine so much that we’ve had to dedicate an entire month to it! Well, when it’s as good as our wines, then why not?

Aussie Wine Month is our biggest celebration of Australian wine and returns annually to showcase the exceptional quality and diversity of wine produced all around in the country.

Hundreds of restaurants, bars, wineries and cellar doors across Australia host wine-focused events. Whether you are a novice or an experienced wine enthusiast, you have the chance to enjoy new and classic Australian wines.

A good wine is complementary to a vast array of meals and is perfect for any occasion. But what is complementary to a good wine? Good glassware of course!

While we’re saying goodbye to the glamorous Vizio range (currently on sale!), there are plenty of other options available to suit all your wine needs!

Bel Vino

A beautiful and timeless collection from Noritake, Bel Vino glassware combines elegance with durability. The slender and refined shape of the glasses makes this range suitable for any occasion.

The collection includes champagne glasses, white wine glasses and red wine glasses, which come in sets of four, making this range ideal for those who love a good drink with friends.

Plus, it gets better! In celebration of Aussie Wine Month, we’re having a Buy One, Get One Free sale on our Bel Vino range – so make sure to grab some gorgeous glassware while you can.

Tasting Hour

For something with a bit more flair, try our wine glasses from IVV Tasting Hour. The red and white wine glasses possess an angular shape, making a bold and stylish statement. Sold in sets of 2, they are the perfect accompaniment for an intimate dinner. However, Tasting Hour also has a wonderful decanter that can complement your growing collection of wine glasses.

And if, after this month, you’ve decided wine is not for you… Tasting Hour has many other styles of glasses to suit every palate. Every drink from martinis to beer will have its own glass!


As we are constantly inspired by the elegance of the European drinking culture, the bold Speedy Goblet collection will give you the European drinking experience without having to step foot out of your own home. The option of colour is at the tip of your fingers! Whether you go vibrant or keep it simple, we offer the Speedy Goblet set of 6 in a range of clear or assorted colours.

Whatever you decide to go with… Bottoms up!