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Bringing back the retro coloured glassware trend: IVV Lounge Bar

With a name like this it could well be the latest chill music DVD, but this Lounge Bar is the latest offering from Italian glassware artisans IVV.

Taking the very best of vintage aesthetics, reintroducing the 19th century art of cased glass and selecting a totally cool range of translucent, moody colours IVV has produced one of the most desirable collections of glassware for the coming summer.

Lounge Bar is a handmade collection of wine, water, whisky and tall tumbler glasses in the beautifully earthy, evocative hues of Dusk, Moss Green and Amber.

Each has a similar profile – vertical sides very slightly softened by a gently curving clear base.  The cased glass technique, whereby a layer of transparent glass is fused with a layer of tinted glass, creates a finished product that has more lustre and better light diffusion than any ordinary glass.  And the perfectly proportioned lines make each glass a delight to hold in the hand.

Lounge Bar DUSK
blog014-2Lounge Bar GREEN


Lounge Bar AMBER


Click here to learn more about IVV Lounge Bar glassware range.

Article by Newscast