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Winter Blues? Tableware to Brighten Your Mood.

Even in the sun-drenched landdown under, a drab and dreary winter day can often bring you down. “Colors are the smiles of nature,” said English poet Leigh Hunt; and they’re just what the doctor ordered this season.

Countless studies have proven the effect of colors on one’s mood; and with average adult spending over 60% of their waking hours at a table or desk, there’s no better place to start. Below are our top three colors – hand-picked by the Noritake team – to inject some much-needed vibrancy into your space, and your day.

Hit refresh with green:


The emblematic color of nature, green introduces a sense of harmony and rejuvenation, much like a refreshing stroll through a park – without leaving your seat!
Freshen up with Contempo Verde.

Liven up with yellow:


Much like green, yellow mimics the stimulating effects of a gorgeous, bright, sunny day; uplifting your mood, and infusing you with energy, optimism, and cheerfulness.
Get the look with Contempo Amarillo.

De-stress with blue:


A soothing blue can calm and relax you on a stressful, tiresome day; giving you clarity, and helping you be more efficient in your day-to-day activities.
Ease off with Contempo Azul.

Not sure what mood you’re in? Mix and match your colors to create your own look.

A cocktail of these colors is nature’s recipe for a fabulous, sunny day; and helps you create your own little spring-summer wonderland — bringing about those same positive, serenely festive vibes.

So be it stationery, tableware, lighting, food, or even a new wallpaper – get a head-start on spring by livening up your table-top with a bright, bold, and playful dose of chromotherapy.

– Ace

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