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Create a vintage tabletop look with Noritake Regent Gold this festive season

With the festive season just around the corner we want to share with you a wonderful Christmas-themed table setting created by SA Life magazine using Noritake Regent Gold formal dinnerware, featured on p.72 of November issue.

The feature titled ‘traditional dining’ shows you how to create a vintage festive tabletop with Noritake Regent Gold accentuated with gold coloured decorative items—how gorgeous is that golden reindeer! Because you want to highlight the richness of embossed 22K gold band, keeping the tablecloth and napkin simple is the key. Modest table linen will also create a good contrast with the baroque shaped embossed accent plate in Noritake Regent Gold.



Noritake Regent Gold is elegant and luminous formal dining range, featuring a richly embossed 22K gold band contrasting against a fine black line, all on a crisp white fine china body. The 20pce dinner set, which is a setting for 4 people, contains before mentioned 23cm baroque shaped embossed black accent plate which really brings a ‘wow’ factor to the table. The set also includes tea cups, tea saucers, 27cm dinner plates and 19x4cm soup plates. Noritake Regent Gold is dishwasher safe so there are fewer things to wash with hands after the party!

To wrap it up, here are tips to making a perfect festive table setting with Noritake Regent Gold:

1. Keep the tablecloth simple and elegant!

2. Refer to our video tutorial ‘How to Set a Formal Table Setting by Noritake Australia’ and learn how to get your table ready for a special festive dinner

3. Add extra touch of style to your table setting with gold-coloured ornaments and festive themed decorations, we also recommend fresh flowers!

And voila! To find out more about Noritake Regent Gold, click here.