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Where to Find More Information about Discontinued Old Noritake China

Every week we receive at least 5 enquiries from our lovely customers wanting to obtain more information about a particular Noritake they own. In some cases they were given their Noritake when they first got married 30 years ago and are looking to add to their existing set or replace a broken piece. Some people have recently inherited Noritake from their relatives and are curious of the value and age of their newly acquired gem.

It’s always exciting to hear stories of how people came about in obtaining a piece of Noritake. My absolute favourite is where a customer has inherited a set of Noritake from her mother who had also inherited the same set from her mother. The tradition of passing down a set of china from one generation to the next is simply beautiful and it’s also something that only a reputable brand with long standing history has pleasure to be part of. It makes you appreciate working for a brand like Noritake which has been manufacturing china since 1904.
However, as much as we love to assist our customers in learning more about Noritake, there is a limitation to the information and service we can provide. At Noritake Australia, we specialize in supply of currently manufactured Noritake designs in Australia and thus are more than happy to assist in providing information about our ongoing designs. For instance, if you are after a design that is currently manufactured for Australian market, we can offer Care & Handling information, current recommended retail price, stockists and so on.
As Noritake Australia specializes in current designs, we are unable to assist you if you are looking to: – Purchase a piece of Noritake design which is no longer being manufactured – Find out a value of a piece of Noritake design which is no longer being manufactured – Identify a piece of Noritake which is no longer being manufactured Noritake, since 1904, has produced hundreds of designs and to identify or give a value to a discontinued old Noritake requires a specific set of skills. Unfortunately at Noritake Australia, we have no one who has expertise knowledge in assessing or evaluating old Noritake. If you are unsure whether the Noritake you own is discontinued, feel free to contact us and we can advise whether it is a discontinued or ongoing design.
Although we are unable to assist with enquiries surrounding discontinued Old Noritake, there are companies and organizations that specialize in old china and we suggest you contact them for more information.
Here’s a list of sources we recommend:
Based in Pomona QLD, China Matching Service specializes in replacing pieces of dinnerware and teaware. Their website is easy to navigate and great selection of brands to choose from. We recommend you to visit China Matching Service if you are looking to replace or sell your Noritake.
Located in Kenmore QLD, China Finders is also a good website to refer to if you are looking to buy or sell your china.
Replacements is based in the U.S. but they do offer international shipping. They have extensive range of china, crystal and silverware.
If you are looking to learn more about the history of Noritake and its products, Noritake Collectors Guild is the website for you. Developed by Karry-leeanne Fisher, a devoted Noritake fan and an expert in Old Noritake, the site offers information on backmarks, patterns, porcelain production, care and management and an overview to the history behind Nippon Toki Kaisha Ltd (present day Noritake). If you want to know when your Noritake was manufactured, have a look at their very impressive backstamp library. It’ll give you a background information on when the particular backstamp was registered.
Not specific to Noritake or chinaware, Australian Antique and Art Dealers Association website provides a guide to buying, collecting, selling, valuing and restoring antiques. You may want to contact them if you are looking to find out the value of your Noritake.
NORITAKE COLLECTORS SOCIETY ( Want to share your love for Noritake with fellow Noritake fans? This site is maintained by Noritake Collectors Society which is a group of collectors and dealers interested in Noritake ‘fancyware’ which is a decorative porcelains produced during 1910s to 1950s.