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Dress Up Your Table with IVV Charger Plates

We have just received handmade charger plates from Italy and they are absolutely stunning! Charger plates or service plates are large decorative plates which act as a base for soup plates, salad plates and dinner plates. Their purpose is similar to placemats and adding charger plates in your table setting will dress up your tabletop for special occasions.


IVV Aria chargers come in 5 different colours: Black, Champagne, Grey, Clear with Gold Band and Clear with Silver Band. Black is an easy colour to work with and would suit any dinnerware but we love layering it with Noritake Toorak Noir. We also love adding IVV Lounge Bar Amber to create more modern look.


Simple and elegant Aria Champagne and Grey charger plates are perfect match for our premium white fine china ranges Golden Wave and Platinum Wave. These simple service plates create bold and stylish effect on the fine porcelain body.



We adore the contemporary feel of Clear Aria charger plates. Choose from either silver or gold lining depending on the look you are going for. We have mixed silver with Noritake Regent Platinum and gold with Noritake Regent Gold. These service plates would also suit casual dinnerware designs.



Inspired by the nature and a floral motif, IVV Loto charger plates are lovely on their own but they look extra beautiful when combined with Noritake Hampshire Gold and Hampshire Platinum. We also recommend adding either amethyst or green tumblers from the same IVV Loto collection.

Click here to view all charger plates available from IVV Italian Glassware.