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Get Trendy in 2018

“Kitchens today are the centrepieces of our homes. They’re no longer designed as just functional spaces, and we are now designing them with creative flair and treating the joinery more like custom pieces of furniture.”
– Jess Bandiera from Verandah House


2018 is shaping up to be an innovative year for interior design. Trends that have influenced our choices for years are drifting out, and new combinations of colours, shapes and texture are arriving. Here are the key new additions that will make your home interior on point.

What’s out? Minimalism!

This is a big one. Minimalism has been making waves across all mediums for years; from our homes to our app interfaces. It’s time to paint the plain palette of our homes with personality, such as curved shaped furniture, natural stone and warm, earthy colours.

Key benchtop colours that took over the 56th annual Milan Furniture Fare included green and brown marble, or all-black kitchens. Black kitchen sinks to black steel – black is the new white! This can be combined with natural oak shelving, and timber cupboards/bench edges.

Photo: Phillip Li

What’s in? Asian inspired design!

As a Japanese company we are excited to deliver on this one! A Japanese design aesthetic, called Wabi Sabi, finds beauty in imperfection. Think handcrafted items such as pottery and individually glazed plates, such as our Komon Japanese Range (a must-have!), and put them on display.

Asian inspired design gives your kitchen character; it’s all about immersing ourselves in travel and culture.



















Colour for character

Accent colours on show at the Milan Fashion Fair were black forest, emerald green and watermelon red. If that doesn’t kick out minimalism!

Incorporate these colours into your dinnerware, teaware and appliances! If you don’t want to be too bold, you’ll get away with shades of blue, moss or sage green, or neutral tones.

Dinner sets on trend include include NoN, GoG, Colorwave Clay, Colorwave Slate or Colorwave Raspberry. I enjoy the Colorwave collection as the stoneware feels soft to touch, and the bold colours are contrasted with the inner ivory.

It’s expensive and wasteful to replace your appliances to accommodate every trend, so I recommend sticking to matte, neutral colours, or stainless steel.

Photo: @plainenglishuk


2018 is an innovative, exciting year for kitchen and home design. Embrace your creativity and inject character into your kitchen with statement colours such as watermelon red or navy, Asian-inspired pieces and black tabletops.

Favourite Noritake pieces to stay on trend:

Navy on Navy
Colorwave Raspberry
Japanese Ceramics
Colorwave Slate