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Give your kitchen a facelift!

The kitchen is the heart of the home; a place where you can express your creativity through cooking and share special meals with loved ones. A kitchen that reflects your style and makes you want to spend time in there is as important as making your bedroom a relaxing and comforting space.

A simple and fun way to stylise your kitchen is selecting a colour palette for your tableware. Some people like to opt for bright patterns to complement their exotic dishes; others get inspired by minimalist themes.

Here’s our suggested colour palettes from the Noritake collection to give your kitchen an instant facelift.


Soft pink and grey tones complement each other well. We love the sleek and contemporary shapes of Colorwave Clay for your dinnerware and Alzette for your cutlery. The soft matte tone of Colorwave is enhanced by the modern shape of Alzette.

Sprinkle in Carnivale Pink for your tea and dessert ware, and you’ve created a well-rounded tabletop.


Soft blue hues ooze elegance and creates a calming effect. For those who love a classic feel we recommend a combination of the Hampshire Platinum dinner set with the Chamonix cutlery. These are two of our bestsellers! For those who love wine with dinner you must select the classy Vizio red or white wine glasses.


A minimalist kitchen creates a blank canvas for you to paint with each meal. Direct focus to your dishes with white space.

World-renowned Australian designer, Marc Newson, created a bone china collection for Qantas first class. His vision has resulted in stunning, high quality, sleek tableware. We recommend the Marc Newson range for the white space palette, combined with the simple yet elegant Tasting Hour highball glasses.


Do you get inspired by bright tones and interesting patterns? Be bold with Colorwave Raspberry or a quirky design from our Epoch range. The Japanese Collection is also hugely popular with those who love to travel and experiment with cooking. Combine with fun Speedy glassware. This palette is sure to bring a sense of fun and positivity into your kitchen!


Make sure you tag @noritakeaus in your tabletop photos! We love seeing the Noritake community enjoying their meals!

Header image by Cooking with Soy