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How to Set a Casual Dinner Table by Noritake

Setting up a table can be more difficult than imagined when trying to impress. You may have questions like where does the spoon go; or what glasses should I place and where? Whether you’re having guests over or simply dining for one, setting up the table the proper way can go a long way, and is just as important as cooking the food well.

Noritake wants to help answer all your questions and show you how you can create a simple yet elegant casual table setting. We will take you through a guided tutorial of where the plates, cutlery, napkin and glasses should be placed. Using Noritake’s popular casual dinnerware pattern Arctic White with Rochefort cutlery and Italian IVV Vizio glassware, Noritake will show you how to create a casual setting to impress. Noritake will also show you how you can add your own style to the setting by mixingColorwave Graphite casual dinnerware with the Arctic White.

Video Tutorial on How to Set a Casual Dinner Table by Noritake

Post by Andrea Tang