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Interior Trends to Try This Winter

The colder months are well and truly upon us and so many of us fall victim to the winter blues. Because the sun sets earlier, we tend to spend more and more time at home, snuggled up and cozy.  Unfortunately, being indoors all the time can lose its appeal and it is easy to become restless and bored.

However, the dreary weather doesn’t have to get you down. We’ve got some easy ways to spruce up your interiors just in time for winter.

1. Add texture

Patterns can enliven your home by introducing elements of playfulness and boldness. It can also add interest to your space, ensuring that your home will never be dull.

We recommend interspersing patterns throughout the space in small doses, but if you’re feeling especially brave, why not try an eye-catching feature wall?

Second photo by Cath Muscat, via Better Homes and Gardens.


2. Bring the sun and nature indoors

While the world outside might seem drab and grey, your home doesn’t have to! Inject life into your space with bright pops of colour, or bring Mother Nature indoors with some plants (real or otherwise).

Spring can live on in your home!

Third photo courtesy of La Journaliste


3. Mix in some pops of colour

Colour can really make a home feel warm and inviting, which is exactly what you need to survive this winter. However, we know that colour can be intimidating to work with… so we recommend starting with something small and building your confidence up from there.

Third photo by A by Amara via The Lux Pad.


4. Stay warm

Our final tip is to stay warm! Stock up on your favourite teas and hot beverages, or get creative by trying out some new soup recipes. Here at Noritake, our favourite is definitely pumpkin soup – a timeless classic that never fails to put us in a good mood!


There you have it, some tips and tricks to help you endure this cold, dark winter. At the very least, undertaking interior design during this season will keep you occupied and active, as tempting as it is to stay in bed!