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Introducing Noritake’s Latest Innovation – Stax White

Noritake is excited to announce the arrival of the latest Casual Dinnerware collection; Stax White – a brilliant combination of function and style.

The collection features a fine white porcelain body coupled with a uniform, low profile, straight-sided design – which provokes a chic and minimalistic feel. Perfect for every occasion!

The collection comprises of Dipping Dish, Mini Bowl, Dinner Plate and Entrée Plate that conveniently can be used as lids for the Mug, Serving Bowl, Deep Plate and Cereal Bowl.

During the production of Stax, we had taken into consideration two major factors that impact every Aussie today: our environmental footprint and ergonomics within the household.

As we strive to be more environmentally conscious, the versatility of the collection allows for the dinnerware pieces to be turned into reusable storage containers – in a hope to reduce the use of plastic food containers.

Within Australia, the size of the average household becomes smaller and smaller each year (ABS, July 2020). As a result, the size of storage becomes minimal, and space becomes an issue. As each piece doubles as dinnerware and storage containers – Stax aims to increase space in cupboards, cabinets, the fridge and even on the dinner table.

Stax is microwave safe, dishwasher safe and chip resistant.

Dinner Plate Set of 4


(D) 24.5cm

Entrée Plate Set of 4


(D) 19cm

Small Plate Set of 4


(D) 15cm

Sauce/Dipping Dish Set of 4


(D) 9.5cm

Mug Set of 4



Round Serving Bowl


(D) 25cm

Deep Plate Set of 4


(D) 19cm

Cereal Bowl Set of 4


(D) 15cm

Mini Bowl Set of 4


(D) 9.5cm

Round Serving Platter


(D) 29cm