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New Acquacheta IVV Glassware

The name Acquacheta was inspired by it’s link with the Tuscan language. It means a calm person who is determined to achieve a goal – like a slow stream of water (aqua) that corrodes the bridge but in a slow and continuous way.


Clear Carafe w/stopper 1 ea./box (H)26 cm, 1L

The IVV Acquacheta collection includes a Clear Carafe with an airtight stopper, It is elegant, yet simple and versatile in use.

Clear Tumbler Set of 6 (H)8.5cm, 410ml

The tumblers are perfect as you can not only refresh your glassware, you are able revamp your current glassware collection. You can add, mix and match with these clear tumblers as their design allows for versatility. 

IVV has been established as one of Europe’s leading manufacturers, their products celebrate innovation, technique and design, with a history dating back to 1952. Since the introduction of IVV to Noritake and the Australian market, these collections have been a top seller and stock never lasts!