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NEW Noritake Collections

We are excited to welcome two brand new Formal Dining sets and a beautiful range of Giftware Mugs to our Noritake family.


City Dawn

City Dawn is a new collection of formal dinnerware, which continues the legacy of Noritake Australia. Featuring a subtle yet elegant design of burnt gold, striking silver and muted grey, this collection shows our design and craftsmanship at its finest.

The label of ‘formal dinnerware’ is off-putting but City Dawn is an extremely versatile collection that suits any occasion. Like all Noritake ranges, City Dawn is crafted from the finest materials – fine china, in this case. This means that this collection will last a lifetime with the right care and proper use.

Shop the beautiful collection here.


Linen Road

In addition to the lovely City Dawn, Linen Road is another new collection that we’re incredibly excited for. At first glance, this collection appears simplistic and minimal in its design – rings of gold, bronze and white dots frame the products over a slate-grey background.

However, what makes Linen Road so special is the use of 3D texture. The rings of dots are raised, a unique and tactile design that is so rarely featured in dinnerware. Made from fina china, Linen Road will endure and age beautifully. We are incredibly proud of this collection and we hope you will love it too.

Shop Linen Road here.


Giftware Mugs

We’re introducing a new Giftware range of fine porcelain Mugs. Beloved designs, such as Lazurite Gold and Toorak Noir, feature on these newest mugs. These are perfect additions to your Noritake collection. Other designs are brand new, like Legacy Splendour, which are great as standalone gifts for your loved ones… or for yourself!

Take a look at the new giftware mugs here.

As with all Noritake collections, these latest additions are dishwasher and microwave safe.