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New Tasting Hour Craft Beer Glass Set!

The stunning new addition to our IVV Tasting Hour collection is designed in Italy, and manufactured in Germany. This premium crystal glass is the perfect addition to your glassware collection!

These Special Italian Craft Beer Glass Set of 2 are currently exclusive to our E-Shop, on sale at an amazing price of $35 each set!



Craft Beer Glass
Set of 2
H(20.5cm), 420ml



Enjoy your favourite craft beer in this specially designed glass, created to emphasise the aroma, flavour and mouthfeel of your beer.

Designed to be light and elegant, these glasses gather foam in a fine layer, enhance specific aromas, and bring to light the full spectrum of aromas within beer. They are also filled with edgy style, with their long stems and tulip-shaped bowls.

Distributes the beer more widely across the mouth, not just to the centre of the tongue.

Allows beer to flow slowly into the mouth avoiding any turbulence, so that you can perceive all the gustatory and aromatic elements.

Stem helps to avoid heat transfer from hand to beer.

Maintains the foam at an adequate level when drinking. This inhibits the oxidation of the beer and ensures its flavour.

A universal glass suited to all craft beer styles.

If you aren’t already familiar with the renowned IVV story, you’d be happy to know that IVV has been established as one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of handmade blown glass. Their products celebrate innovation, technique and design, with a history dating back to 1952. Since the introduction of IVV to Noritake and the Australian market, these collections have been a top seller and stock never lasts!