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Spring Wedding Trends with Noritake

That buzzing energy and delicious warmth of spring has always made it a favourite wedding season. Whether you’re designing your own wedding, or looking for the perfect present that will last a lifetime, Noritake have you covered with the top spring wedding trends for 2016.

Neutral Palettes


As Glamour Magazine rightfully predicted, neutral palettes and design simplicity are top trends this wedding season. The recent arrivals of Clay and Slate in our Colorwave stoneware are ideal minimalist dinner settings. Noritake Colorwave is a stylish contemporary stoneware collection which features warm ivory tones on the internal surfaces contrasted by a striking solid matte colour on the outside. Crafted from the highest quality stoneware (it is almost as fine as porcelain!), the clay and slate colours contribute to a contemporary wedding table.

Tone-on-tone Explosion


A concentrated cluster of one colour lends a graphic impact to centrepieces. Draw attention to your colourful flower centrepiece with the Arctic White or BoB and WoW dinner settings. A subtle motif runs along the surface of a rich black (BoB) or stark white (WoW) body, making them an ideal canvas for your stunning centre. Featured above: Arctic White.

Set Your Table Properly


A properly set table oozes elegance – no more soup spoons for your wedding cake! Noritake Cutlery is manufactured from the highest quality 18/10 stainless steel and features beautiful mirrored surfaces, a wonderful fluidity of design and the perfect combination of weight and balance. Available in four unique designs, you can select from a 24 or 56pce set.

Tall Tiers


Couples are going above and beyond to make sure the cake is the exclamation point of the reception. However, couples aren’t necessarily selecting the typical cake as their dessert, instead branching out to all sorts of cupcakes and pastries. Our gold and silver cake stands create a stunning dessert aesthetic, allowing your special sweets to be an attraction.

The Perfect Wedding Present


By late 1960 Noritake had become a household name and such was its popularity, almost every Australian couple married during this period received a Noritake Dinnerset as a wedding present. These sets were passed down through generations, making Noritake a meaningful and sentimental gift. The Princess Bouquet design is the latest member to our Formal Dinnerware Collection. The stunning simplicity and elegance make this Dinner Set the perfect special wedding present.

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