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Noritake Top Tips | Choosing & Caring for Glassware

Beautiful glassware should not be limited to special occasions. Elegant, well designed and comfortable glassware will heighten your senses and bring a whole new satisfaction to every mouthful. And the good news is, Noritake specializes in beautiful, vibrant glassware to suit every style and designed to complement your table at any occasion. Follow this year’s trendy glassware ‘must-haves’ along with Noritake’s top tips that will get you choosing and caring for your ideal glassware design.

How to select glassware: 


• Choose two differently sized wineglasses: select a smaller glass for white wine and a larger glass for red wine. White wine glasses should be smaller because white wine should remain cool and crisp before serving. As for red wine, a larger glass will permit aeration of the wine as it is served.

• To optimize your wine’s flavor, select a balloon shaped wineglass to enable the wine to develop its delicate aroma. Wine needs to be aerated and a tapered shape is best for releasing its full aroma.

• Use a fluted or tulip-shaped glass for sparkling wines and champagne. The flute aids in preserving the bubbles to ensure the best flavored aroma when serving.


• Tumblers are the right choice for water, soft drinks and any juice-based cocktail. Some restaurants are choosing the trendy option of using short tumblers to serve water, but you could also use these to serve appetizers and/or desserts.

• Highball glasses are usually used for stronger mix-drinks such as gin & tonic and long island ice tea. Thin and elegant highball glasses are a sophisticated addition to any glassware collection.

• Whiskey glasses are small, usually square-shaped glasses used to serve refined spirits. Small and elegant, these glasses will allow light to shine through the vessel bringing the liquid within to life.

Don’t forget that when picking out glassware, look for glasses rimmed with rolled edges as this will add to the finished look and feel more pleasant to the touch when drinking.

How to care for glassware: 

• Firstly, favor dishwasher-proof glassware over hand-wash only glasses as this will save you time and energy. If your glassware is dishwasher safe, carefully place within the washing rack; avoid the use of lemon or other citrus-scented detergents if your glassware has a metallic band to prevent any pitting of the design. If washing by hand, use only a small amount of detergent and make sure the glass is rinsed properly before drying. An oily feel or rainbow-coloured sheen generally means detergents are still present.

• The rim of the glassware is the most delicate part of the glass, so it’s best to store your glass with the rim facing upwards to avoid any weight-bearing. Investing in a handy rack is a good idea if you have an expensive set of stemware so you can hang them upside-down.

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