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Picnic Vibes

We are on the edge of Spring; the season for shedding your Winter shell and enjoying sunshine and fresh air.

What better way to rejoice than food with friends? Picnic trends of 2017 are all about colour, quality and serving the environment by avoiding throwaway plastic cups and plates.

Let us take you for a walk through the popular picnic trends…


Pimms in the park

Pimms are the beverage of choice this spring, and it’s clear why with those delicious and refreshing sips!

Whip up this recipe at home and serve in a Speedy Clear Carafe for that fancy fresh feeling.

Pimm’s and Lemonade
Serves one. Approx. 0.6 standard drinks.

30ml Pimm’s No.1 Cup
1 slice of cucumber
1 sprig of mint
Seasonal fruits

Cut the cucumber slice from the centre to edge (so it will slide onto the glass rim) and set aside. Add ice to a mason jar or highball glass. Pour Pimm’s over ice and drop in fruit and a few mint leaves. Top with lemonade and garnish with cucumber.

Recipe by Broadsheet and Masterchef.


Funky platters and plates

The time of plastic plates and cutlery are diminishing as people are conscious and motivated to protect the environment.

Instead, folks are investing in trendy plates that will last forever and double for any social occasion.

We have designed a picnic pack from the popular IVV Denim range. Designed in Italy, Denim has everything from platters to bowls to glasses. All matching and available in bright, enjoyable colours.

P.s. they’re on clearance so get in quick!


And lastly…

Brie Cheese

Need we say more?


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