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Revamp Your Winter Tabletop

As sun-baked beach days become fewer and fewer the creature comforts of Winter begin to emerge. The months of comforting soups, hot roasts and clinking red wine glasses with friends are now upon us.

There’s nothing quite as uplifting as sharing a home-cooked meal with loved ones when it’s cold outside. Get your tabletop ready to explore new and loved recipes, and create new memories with your winter dishes.

Here are Noritake’s top tips for a wonderful Winter tabletop.


A Winter must-have is a large casserole dish to place in the middle of the table for everyone to share. The Braidwood collection has just the one – a vibrant casserole dish that draw the eye to your lovely meal prepared.


As vivid coloured plates brighten up Summer barbeques, earthy tones complement Winter dishes. Grey tones are particularly flattering for roasts and root vegetables. If you take one recommendation from this blog, it’s to check out Colorwave Slate, GoG Swirl, and Toorak Noir collections for Winter – your meals will look divine and you’ll have new inspiration for your Instagram. You can thank me later!


Ditch the summer grapes for warming red wine. To experience the full flavours you need a proper red wine glass. The distinct shapes of IVV hand-blown glass from Italy are crafted to specially augment the flavours of your wine. Explore Tasting Hour and Vizio.


The time of meal we all look forward to. Prepare yourself with cake plates and tea cups so you can end your evening on a pleasurable note. Our most popular design is Hertford, favoured by renowned fashion blogger Annamika Calcino @annamikac

We can’t wait to see your Winter dinner party posts! Don’t forget to tag @noritakeaus so we can check them out. Happy Winter xx