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New Year Resolutions with Noritake

“Out with the old, in with the new” – we are loving this expression as this defines our approach to what is to come in 2016. However, as much as we would all love to afford an array of brand new tableware, it seems that 2015 follows us into the New Year as we endeavour to breakeven after the holiday season. So, as the New Year emerges and it’s greatly anticipated resolutions come into place, we feel that the start of 2016 is the perfect opportunity to refresh your style, and of course your table by simply rearranging your existing tableware to create a new exciting look. Follow these tips to find out how to best utilise your tableware for a bold and sophisticated statement this January!

be bolder and brighter


With the emergence of new trends and fashion feels for 2016, welcome the warm weather with fresh warm hues that will revitalise your table setting and start the New Year in style. Geometric shapes and block colours are pleasing to the eye and when used correctly can be highly flexible and functional. Geometric patterns will bring vibrancy and life along with a softer elegance and style to your table. To view Noritake’s bold and geometric designs, click here.

impress with formal dinnerware everyday


While your formal dinnerware may have been left to gather dust, 2016 is all about incorporating formal and casual within your everyday mealtimes. At Noritake, we encourage the use of formal dinnerware in your everyday table setting because we believe that your table should be dressed to impress for every occasion!

If you believe that your formal china is too formal for everyday use, we recommend mixing and matching your tableware with casual items to create a more relaxed feel. For example, pair up your formal setting with modern and colourful glassware and/or table accessories for a more relaxed and slightly less ‘groomed’ tabletop look.

And remember, formal chinaware is not what it used to be – vast improvements in manufacturing techniques have allowed for an increased durability of formal china while maintaining its high quality and beautiful appearance. All of Noritake formal-wear is dishwasher and oven safe, and is ideal for use every day. To view Noritake formal dinnerware, click here.

mix’n’match your colourful tableware


Dare to be different and challenge the traditional perceptions of colour associations. Mix and match your tableware to create a fun and playful table. Ideal for creating a lively summer table, we love vibrant bursts of colour created by associating various designs, colours and patterns together. 2016 is all about cooking great food, enjoying great company, and of course creating fabulous tabletop designs! Mix and match using Noritake here.

Blog by Kimberley Mahoney