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Top Picks for Xmas Prezzies!

Noritake’s annual Top Picks for memorable Chrismas prezzies is here! Here are my suggestions based on current fashion trends and most popular items.


If you’ve dined in the foodie capital of Australia, Melbourne, it’s likely you’ve seen the Komon range. Made from porcelain, they’re light but sturdy and feature authentic Japanese patterns. After all, they’re made in Japan!

Plates and bowls feature alternative sizing and shapes, and a protective glaze creates a smooth texture.

Komon is a great present as you can choose just one set of plates or bowls as a stand alone gift (they’ll look great amongst another set), or the entire range for a whole new dinner set.

Komon are my favourite range, so I’m totally biased…


Formal Dinner Set

A few years ago my partner surprised me with a dinnerset for my birthday present. I was surprised – usually I was spoiled with the usual jewellery or clothes that I had dropped heavy hints for… This gift proved to be thoughtful and practical (after all, I use it every day twice a day!) and special – I think of him every time I use it.

A Noritake formal dinnerset will last forever. Each design is made of the highest quality ingredients and feature either a pure platinum or 24k gold rim.



You can never go wrong with high quality glassware! From your boss to your partner, the postman to your family, everyone appreciates a drink.

IVV glassware is designed in Italy. My personal favourites include Vizio Vintage Red Wine glasses. Perfectly balanced with an alternative mouth shape to your typical red wine glasses, there’s no other word to describe them but FANCY.

Another favourite is Speedy. Bright colours, beautiful texture with a sturdy weight, you can feel the quality and longevity.

I’ve made the mistake of buying cheap “glassware” at big retail chains, and experienced the dismay of consistent breakage. Superior quality glassware is always appreciated!


Golden Wave sets

We recently launched special sets in the classic Golden Wave design. A key note with these is the INCREDIBLE value! Golden Wave has been a bestseller for a long time. Choose a set that reflects your receiver’s favourite social situation – a tea party, nibblies, or dinners with salads and roasts.

Now you’ve got Noritake’s Top Picks for the best Christmas present! Have fun exploring the range.