Carnivale Cup and Saucer Set for 4 in Assorted Colours

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Size: Cup 75ml, Saucer (D)13cm

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Product Description

Carnivale is a stunning range of white fine china teaware featuring six different vibrant pastel shades. The combination of colour and wonderful French design ethic is further enhanced by 22K gold lining, creating a look of elegant sophistication.

The set includes 4 Tea Cups and 4 Tea Saucers in Pink, Yellow, Light Blue and Apple Green.

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Quality porcelain and bone china are the strongest ceramic dinnerware materials; they are fired at the highest temperatures and are made of the strongest ingredients. So you can use your finest china as often as you wish with as much confidence, or more, as your “everyday” set of dishes. But keep this in mind about all of your dinnerware, glassware and tableware: treat them with the respect that high quality, beautifully crafted products of any kind deserve. Although very strong, porcelain and bone china are still breakable if abused.

Dishwasher Tips

    • If you have a dishwasher with a fine china/crystal cycle, please follow the dishwasher manufacturer’s recommendations.
    • Some Noritake Fine China patterns incorporate delicate decorations and precious gold and platinum bands that may be harmed by repeated use of strong detergents.

Please avoid lemon-based detergents as this may cause pitting on the gold or platinum trim. We recommend the use of liquid-base detergent (e.g. Finish LIQUID) over poweder/tablets.

  • Dishwashers clean tableware, but not always gently. Because plates, stemware and other items come in many sizes and shapes, they do not always fit perfectly into a dishwasher and can move around during washing. So load the dishwasher careful and avoid overloading that can lead to items rubbing or hitting against each other.
  • Whether you are using the dishwasher or washing by hand, use the minimum amount of detergent necessary for cleaning and make sure your tableware is completely rinsed. An oily feeling or rainbow colored sheen generally means that detergents are still present and the harsh chemical action is continuing. Rinse well!

Care Advice for Formal Dinnerware

  • After the drying cycle in your dishwasher is complete, let your tableware cool down to room temperature before handling. The heat temporarily softens metal such as gold or platinum.
  • Never put anything with metal (gold or platinum in the pattern or on the rim) in the microwave oven.

Care Advice for Casual Dinnerware

  • Avoid any sudden temperature change, such as putting a hot item into cool wash water.
  • Never expose your casual dinnerware to direct flame, such as the top burners of a gas stove.
  • Always be sure that food or liquid is in every piece before it is exposed to heat.
  • Detergent safe means Noritake technology has protected the delicate decorations from the effects of harsh detergent chemicals.

Care Advice for Crystal Glassware

We recommend hand washing fine crystal. Make sure you remove all jewelry as not to scratch the glass also place something in the bottom of the sink so the glassware does not break or fracture.

Care Advice for Stored China

After removing your china from storage, you may need to polish the gold rim as these can slightly tarnish. Oxidation or discoloration can build up on a platinum or gold trim very easily if left exposed to air or water/moisture and heat as well. We recommend removing the tarnish using Cape Cod polish as it is gentle but effective, along with a soft jeweler’s polishing cloth.

UPC/Barcode Sticker Removal

Noritake is required by many of our retail partners to place a UPC/barcode sticker on all pieces of dinnerware to aid with inventory controls. Sometimes, the adhesives used can set up rather firmly on the surface of the dinnerware. We suggest soaking the pieces in hot soapy water for about one hour. This should loosen the adhesive and make it easier to remove.

We hope this information will help you keep your Noritake tableware beautiful and long lasting for generations to come.

28 reviews for Carnivale Cup and Saucer Set for 4 in Assorted Colours

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